At GE Appliances, we value community, and we know our people do, too. That’s why we encourage our employees to join Affinity Networks – communities within GE Appliances built on common backgrounds, experiences and interests. Within these groups, we establish connections that help us grow professionally and personally, while also helping those outside of our work family. We network with peers, participate in mentoring programs, and engage in social and community outreach events with our coworkers. Read on to learn more about our Affinity Networks at GE Appliances.


Affinity networks also provide exposure and networking opportunities internally to business leadership and externally to community leaders. And in the community at large, through the promotion of STEM education to school-age children and a variety of civic outreach projects, affinity networks do a great deal to strengthen bonds with our neighborhoods and encourage employee involvement.


    The African American Forum is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between GE Appliances and local African American communities. Internally, it supports and empowers its members through professional development and mentoring, allowing their unique Perspectives to be woven into everything GE Appliances does.


    Dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining Asian Pacific American talent, the APAF provides its members with the tools they need to cultivate their leadership capabilities and realize their career aspirations. Members not only grow their careers, but help our company be the best it can be.


    Giving back to the community through diverse philanthropic opportunities is a cornerstone of our culture. The Hispanic Forum not only provides Hispanic employees at GE Appliances with learning, coaching and networking opportunities, it also encourages members to make a difference in the local Hispanic community through volunteerism. Not only does this promote a positive environment within the company, it also opens doors for those that are impacted by our volunteers.

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    A successful workplace is an inclusive one, where everyone is empowered to apply their unique talents to make GE Appliances succeed. Pride works to attract and retain LGBTQ+ employees, and to develop the careers of those who are part of the GE Appliances team.


    Military experience creates a certain bond between services members that transcends time, profession or branch of service. GE Appliances respects the sacrifices of our servicemen and women, and wants to be the employer of choice for veterans, reservists and National Guard members. Veterans Network was formed to maintain that strong bond, and to develop and guide the careers of its members. The network offers leadership and mentoring programs, as well as opportunities to engage in community activities that support veterans nationwide.


    From the executive team to the assembly line, it’s clear that women are vital to GE Appliances’ success as an industry leader. It’s also clear that we need to provide women with a strong peer-to-peer framework that guides, develops and nurtures their advancement in the company.

    The Women’s Network helps females grow professionally and personally. Women in the network share information, best practices, education and experience to help each other develop leadership skills and career success.