GE Appliances has nearly 150 college students actively employed as interns and co-ops every semester, across all functions from universities across the United States. Student work assignments offer meaningful, challenging work experience. You'll learn a lot about yourself, and we'll learn a lot about you.


We hire students from a variety of majors for all sectors of the GE Appliances business. Review job descriptions for more details on specific majors considered. Our co-ops typically are sophomores, juniors or seniors who are more than one semester away from graduation.

  • Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

    Deepen your engineering and problem solving skills while designing, building, and testing innovative new products working with the best engineers in the appliance industry.

  • Supply Chain/Manufacturing

    Gain real-world manufacturing experience in plant operations, process engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering, global supply chain management, quality, sourcing, materials management, and environmental health & safety.

  • Software Engineering

    Be part of the team that applies the latest techniques in software development such as Agile, TDD, Continuous Integration, and Testing Automation to embedded software. Every day, we push ourselves to find innovative solutions, produce higher quality code, and deliver it on schedule.

  • Information Technology

    Obtain experience in exciting technology areas such as cloud computing, software as a service implementation, software design and development, network infrastructure, cyber security, and technical architecture.

  • Finance

    Gain valuable, hands-on finance experience, exposure to strategic initiatives and lessons in the role finance plays in achieving business objectives.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Receive personal mentoring from business leaders as you learn the tools and product knowledge necessary to build a successful sales and marketing career

  • Human Resources

    Uncover your potential for leadership by leveraging your employee relations, talent development, and change management skills driving projects that shape our company’s future.

  • Industrial & Interaction Design

    Design, sketch, prototype and build the next generation of home appliances across the GE Appliances brands. Construct the crucial touch points and user interfaces of the GE Appliances product lines.



We want to get to know you better! Our recruiting teams attend college fairs on over 25 campuses every recruiting season. We want to share information about our company, culture and the type of work assignments available for co-ops & interns like you. Often, we'll schedule on-campus interviews based on our interaction with you at the career fair.




GE Appliances offers early-career development programs, many of them for new college graduates



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a co-op and an internship?

Co-ops (short for Cooperative Education) typically involve multiple semesters of alternating between full-time work and full-time school. The typical co-op will complete two to five rotations of work, gaining a year or more of career-related work experience before graduation. Most university sponsored co-op programs also offer academic credit. Internships are typically one-semester and generally do not earn academic credit. Regardless of academic credit, we encourage you to review our Student Opportunities job board and learn more about our work assignments.

All our co-op & intern roles are paid. We provide housing & relocation assistance to students who are eligible.

At GE Appliances, we tend to use the terms co-op and intern interchangeably. Our Engineering/Technology, Manufacturing/Supply Chain and Information Technology teams encourage work assignments spanning multiple semesters. Our Commercial, Finance and Human Resource teams offer summer-only work assignments. We also offer part-time year-round work assignments in our Commercial and Finance teams for students local to the Louisville, KY, area.

Why should I consider student opportunities at GE Appliances?

Our co-op/intern roles are challenging, hands-on and impact business results. We offer you the opportunity to develop technically, personally, & professionally. We have approximately 150 co-ops per rotation cross-functionally. This student community leads cross-functional committees offering a variety of social, networking and volunteer opportunities.

We provide competitive pay rates based on the degree you are pursuing and your time in school. Our co-ops/interns are benefit eligible, including medical, dental, vision, & prescription drug coverage. Additionally, we offer paid holidays, employee discounts, an on-site fitness center and an on-site well clinic. We provide housing & relocation assistance as well to eligible students.

Our co-op/intern programs are the pipeline to our full-time Development Programs, which means less time searching for a job when you graduate.

Are you recruiting at my school?

We visit 25-30 campuses each semester. Check with your school’s Career Services to determine if GE Appliances will be attending career fair(s) and conducting on-site interviews.

If we are not planned to visit your campus, you are still encouraged to formally apply online for roles you are interested in and qualify for. A full listing of available student opportunities can be located here: Student Opportunities job board .

Can I apply in person for student opportunities with GE Appliances?

If we are attending a career fair at your university, we strongly encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself to us. In addition to meeting us, you must also formally apply online for positions that interest you.

I am interested in more than one role or semester. Do I apply to each separately?

Yes. You are encouraged to apply for each role that interests you and matches your skills and qualifications.

How do I find the status of my application?

If you met with our recruiters and interviewed on-campus, you should expect to hear back from us within 2-3 weeks of your interview. If you do not hear anything back, please contact the recruiter you met with for an update on your status. If you applied online but have not met a GE Appliances recruiter in-person, you will receive system generated emails advising you of your applicant status.

I have a question about the company, program, or application process — can I talk to a real-person?

If you met a recruiter on-campus, you can contact them with questions. If we did not attend your campus in-person, you can send an email to: and a member of our team will respond to you within 3-5 days.

I am a graduating senior. Do you offer full-time student opportunities?

GE Appliances has 6 functional development programs for new grads. These positions are filled primarily by students from our co-op/intern program pipeline. If vacancies remain, we post these positions on our Student Opportunities job board .

I am pursuing an advanced degree. Do you offer opportunities for graduate students?

We hire MBA students into our Experienced Sales Development Program and our Human Resources Development Program. Some of our technical programs may consider students pursuing Masters degrees. Please visit the Student Opportunities job board to review detailed qualifications.

Do you hire international students?

GE Appliances is an equal opportunity employer. We have sponsored visas for roles requiring a unique or specialized skillset, however, the majority of our co-op/intern roles request that a student be eligible to work in the United States for an unrestricted period of time.

Are GE Appliances and GE the same company?

GE Appliances was part of the General Electric (GE) portfolio for over 125 years. In June 2016, Haier Group acquired GE Appliances. We pride ourselves on our GE heritage, but look forward to a successful future under our new parent company.

Where is GE Appliances located?

The majority of our student opportunities are located at our headquarters facility in Louisville, KY. In addition to Louisville, GE Appliances operates manufacturing facilities in Decatur, AL and Camden, SC, and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in LaFayette, GA, and Selmer, TN. We also have Student opportunities in Evansville, IN.

How can I stay updated on future opportunities?