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At GE Appliances, you can help make good things, for life. Join our team of innovators and inventors, engineers and designers, global security and technology. We believe in the power of our people and the freedom they have to explore, discover and build good things, together.

Our Veterans Network brings together over 500 military service members to support, strengthen and advance their careers.

A Message from Robert Barry, Veterans Network Executive Champion

"As a veteran, the desire to serve is in our DNA. That doesn't end when we hand up our uniforms. The companies that recognize this and support veteran-focused employee resource groups - like GE Appliances - understand how we contribute to the business' success as a whole.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of a great company that values veterans and allows us to give back to those within our business, our communities and those who remain in service to our nation."

- Bob is Senior Director, Manufacturing Quality, at GE Appliances in Louisville, KY, and served in the Army domestically and overseas from 1992 to 2002.

Support: Advance Your Career

Our Affinity Network brings together veterans and allies who are passionate about supporting our military. They are a cornerstone of our inclusion and diversity efforts, providing a platform for networking. We’re dedicated to making GE Appliances the employer of choice for veterans, reservists and guardsman in all locations where we operate. The network offers leadership and mentoring programs, as well as opportunities to engage in community activities that support veterans nationwide.

We foster equality through recruitment, employment, training and mentorship of veterans from all branches and all countries of service. Professional development and leadership opportunities abound within our company, and our members work actively toward advancing and supporting veterans in our broader communities.

Some of our recent successes include:

  • Raising more than $20,000 for regional and national veteran-focused nonprofits.
  • Mentoring more than 2,500 students as part of Louisville’s Eastern High School Junior ROTC program.
  • Sponsoring a week-long recognition of Veterans’ Day to honor all our veteran employees.
  • Writing letters and sending care packages to veterans who are currently serving in harm’s way.

Hire: Veteran Opportunities

Whether you’re serving in the reserves, looking to make the transition to civilian life or served years ago, you’ll find many opportunities to excel at GE Appliances. Veterans can choose from hourly, entry-level, junior officer and experienced professional positions in areas such as Supply Chain, Production, Engineering, Information Technology, and Human Resources.

At GE Appliances, you’ll enjoy a dynamic environment of challenge and reward driven by collaboration and a spirit of continuous improvement. We’re proud to be a place where big challenges lead to big rewards, and where inclusion and diversity contribute to innovation.

Grow: Advance Your Career

We support the career development of our employees from the time they join our team to the time they retire.

Training programs specifically designed for veterans include:

  • Experienced Officer Development Program (EODP)
    Commissioned officers can participate in this two-year program that offers three eight-month rotations in several business areas, including manufacturing, operations and supply chain.
  • USA CARES—Senior Leader Corporate Fellowship Program (SLCFP)
    This eight-week program is designed for retiring military personnel to help them transition into fulltime employment. As of 2019, 90% of participants received offers for permanent employment, with more than a 90% retention rate.

"Through my military experience, I've gained the ability to persevere through obstacles and learn from mistakes, which makes me successful as a memeber of the quality program and ultimately supports the success of the company."

Tina has served in the Army since 2001 and is currently in the Army Reserves. At GEA, she's a Senior Advanced Quality Engineer and is a graduate of the Experienced Officer Development Program in Louisville.

"The US Army prepared me to be a focus-oriented individual, team goal achiever, and to lead by example. GEA provides an environment that allows you to develop and experience different aspects of the business to gain skills to be successful in other roles."

Robert served in the U.S. Army Reserve and the Active Guard Reserve from 1987 to 2018, and is now a Senior Materials Change Analyst at Appliance Park at Louisville, KY.

"It's easy to be proud, whether you're working to keep this nation safe or providing GEA employees with a safe work environment. I am proud of the team I was with and proud to be with the GEA team today."

Jack served as a Pararescueman in the Air Force from 1996 to 2004. Now, he's an EHS Coordinator in Lafayette, GA.

"GEA's reputation for supporting veterans drew me. Manufacturing is a great career choice because there are so many different aspects of the business. It's a team sport and there is a perfect place for everyone on the team, no matter your talent or interest."

Frank retired from the U.S. Army after a 21-year career serving various positions with increasing levels of responsibility. He is currently a GEA Quality Engineer at Louisville, KY.

"One thing I was really excited about when starting here is that GEA has very similar values to the armed forces: teamwork, risk-taking, leadership, collaboration and just going for it."

Thao is an Army Veteran, serving as Senior Project Manager for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Today, she is a Senior Lean Specialist for GEA.

"In my roles in the Marine Corps and as a GEA employee, one common thread is accountability. As I think about my roles in both of these organization, I hold with high regard the Marine Corps slogan of 'Semper Fidelis', which means always faithful."

Willie served in the Marine Corps from 1981 to 2010 and retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel. He is currently a Black Belt Engineer in Design at our plant in Lafayette, GA.

"When I walk in the doors at Monogram Refrigeration (MRO), I walk in to my platoon. In the Guard, we are one. We walk together, fight together, survive together. At MRO, we are that unity."

Butch served in the Army National Guard from 1989 to 2017 and was a Platoon Sergeant. He now works with Sheet Metal in Selmer, TN.

"When I left Active Duty (U.S. Army), I really didn't know anything about the private sector. Now, when I talk about how GEA treats its military personnel, everyone's response is 'wow'. GEA is the most veteran-friendly company I have ever heard of."

Solomon is a Civil Affairs Officer in the U.S. Army and is a graduate of the Experienced Officer Development Program at GEA in Louisville, KY.

Opportunities are everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I search for jobs at GE Appliances?

    Use the job search bar on this page to view all current openings. You can narrow your search to a location and area of expertise that best suits your career interests. Additionally, you can enter a military code to view similar jobs available.

  • What roles should I consider applying for?

    It is recommended that you apply for a limited number of roles (1-5) that pique your interest most and also fit your skillset. When you send in your resume, it is important that you tailor it to show that you meet all of the basic qualifications and also highlight as many of the preferred qualifications as you can. To view available positions, use the search bar at the top of this page.

  • What can I expect from the recruiting & interviewing process?

    Our interview process is a multistep process and specifics can vary from position to position. After applying for the role, if your background is deemed to fit the job requirements, a recruiter will reach out to you to schedule an initial screening. It is recommended that you check your emails periodically for candidate communications. Following the recruiter screening, you can then expect to either be scheduled for a phone interview with the manager and/or an in-person/virtual interview.

  • How do I ensure that my resume is seen? Is there a way to get it to the "top of the stack"?

    At GE Appliances, we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, with all things being equal, there is no defined way to move your resume to the “top of the stack.” However, there are several things you can do to help ensure your application stands out.

    #1 - Be sure to fill out your application thoroughly and provide as many supporting documents as possible, such as your resume, work portfolio, cover letter, etc. However, “thoroughly” does not mean multiple pages. Be as concise as possible in highlighting your experience and accomplishments.

    #2 – Reach out to anyone you know who may already work here at GE Appliances. A direct employee referral can go a long way in the application process.

    #3 – Tailor your resume to target it toward the role that you are applying for — don’t be afraid to highlight achievements and be as detailed as possible when describing any metrics or specific skills.

  • Will I be alerted when a job I applied for has been filled?

    Yes! Here at GE Appliances, we take the candidate experience very seriously, and as a result, we take candidate feedback seriously. We know the job hunt can be stressful and it is our goal to be as transparent as possible throughout the process. If your application is deemed to not fit the job’s requirements, you will be notified via email and you are encouraged to continue to apply for other positions. If you were selected for either a phone interview or in-person/virtual interview, you can expect a personal communication from your recruiter or the hiring manager to provide you with the necessary feedback on the decision.

  • What is the business casual dress code at GE Appliances entail?

    For our salaried employees, you may be asked to dress “business casual” while working onsite. GE Appliances wants to cultivate an environment of professionalism, but we also want to ensure our employees are comfortable. Recommendations for business casual wear would typically include slacks, khakis or clean, untorn jeans; a dress shirt or blouse; open-collar shirt or polo shirt; a dress or skirt at knee-length or below; a knit shirt or sweater; and loafers or dress shoes that cover all or most of the foot. If you have questions concerning attire, do not hesitate to ask your manager. Again, we want you to be comfortable while onsite, so if there are accommodations that can be made, we will do our best to do so. If your job requires you to work in a manufacturing facility or lab, you may be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as steel-toed shoes, gloves or safety glasses. You should inquire with your hiring manager about required PPE for your specific position.

  • What kinds of skills or characteristics does GE Appliances look for in a new employee?

    Our CEO says it best:
    "As GE Appliances continues to transform itself, we’re looking for people who are excited, energized and who welcome a challenge. People interested in big ideas and bold action, building connections and solving problems. People who want to build and grow with us." – Kevin Nolan, CEO

  • What programs does GE Appliances have internally to support employee communities?

    At GEA, we are privileged to be part of a community larger than our own. Our employees are the heart of the organization, and with your help, we are building an inclusive culture that is in line with our Purpose — to bring happiness and wellbeing to every home. We know this extends beyond our products, our owners and our walls.

    Because of this drive for inclusion, GE Appliances has various “Affinity Networks” to build comradery both inside and outside the organization. Included in these groups is our GE Appliances Veterans Network where individuals with military backgrounds and individuals that wish to show support for our military community can get together to support one another through shared convictions.

  • Who should I expect to work with in the recruiting process?

    During the recruiting process, you can expect to work with many talented members of our Talent Acquisition team. Our Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators and Managers are here to make this process run as smoothly as possible for you. Interviews for the position(s) being pursued will be conducted via phone, virtual platforms, or in person with a predetermined interview team. This team typically consists of the HR Manager, Hiring Manager and various members of that team. All these individuals will be here to answer any questions you may have throughout the interview/onboarding process.

  • How much should I “civilianize” or tailor my resume to GEA? Can someone at GE Appliances review my resume and assist in finding me a position that fits?

    When tailoring your resume, highlight your successes and emphasize your work experience(s) that relates most closely to the role(s) you are applying for. If you need help with editing your resume, there are several organizations that can provide free help. A good place to start is the Veterans Employment Toolkit from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

    Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants, our recruiters may not be able to provide in-depth advice on resume adjustments or job posting recommendations.

  • I wasn't selected for ths position. Can/should I reapply?

    If you would like to reapply for the same role that you were not selected for, it is recommended that you first attempt to seek feedback from your recruiter as to why you were not selected before reapplying. This will allow you to begin working toward cultivating the necessary skill sets before resubmitting your application. For any other roles that pique your interest, you’re welcome to apply at any time!

  • I have applied to a position and am now in the beginning stages of the interview process. How long can I expect this process to take from start to finish?

    The recruiting timeline for each position may vary slightly. At GE Appliances, we always strive to find the best possible candidate for each role and that can take time. As a result, it is important to stay in touch with your recruiter. We strive to have all roles filled within 90 days, which includes screening, interviews and feedback communication, as well as all pre-employment onboarding processes.

  • If I don't transition out for another year, how soon should I apply?

    We typically recommend veterans apply for roles approximately 60 days before they are ready to enter the workforce. If your transition date or availability is expected to be longer than 90 days, we recommend trying to build your network while you prepare. Many veterans find the best success at GE Appliances when they create a detailed transition plan prior to leaving the military. Adhere closely to this plan and utilize relationships to help guide you to the next step in your career.

  • Are there any opportunities for active-duty military service members looking to gain training before they fully transition out of the military?

    As part of the broader Department of Defense Career Skills Program, the Senior Leaders Corporate Fellowship Program places senior military leaders who are in the beginning stages of their transition to a civilian career in an intern role at a corporate partner, four days a week during an eight-week program. Contact your base/posts transition advisor for further details.

  • Where do I find information about GE Appliances recruiting events near me?

    We continue to host in-person and virtual information events. Our recruiters directly contact applicants and invite them to participate in these events based on the skill sets being sought. Unfortunately, there is no master calendar of events posted for applicants to review.

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